Jungle roots

The island that has a very fertile soil can be overgrown with various types of plants. most of its inhabitants work as farmers, the island is a spice-producing island and the largest herbal medicines are not only farmed, the inhabitants are also woodworkers. Here is also the place with the largest hunter camp, therefore most hunter come from this area. The inhabitants live in peace without any culture of thuggery. they live prosper with justice, the island has a small poverty rate.

Wellen frost

The island has an eternal winter. the whole area covered by snow. The inhabitants here live in groups and hunt food together. across the island almost invisible house residents. The inhabitants of this island they live in the area lulu land Together just because it is in this area that has a warmer temperature in other areas on the island wellen frost. in lulu land there is also a home of researchers who deliberately settled in this area to research the island.

Dust avalanche

The island is barren, consisting of several deserts. This barren island is the center of the economy on the planet wisgr and in albaba city is the largest auction place and market that sells various objects. Dust avalanche is an island with a high level of education because it is also a place of development of technology and all existing technology is always created on this island, some scientists go to other islands to develop the technology there including in the wellen frost. Dust avalanche has a history. Formerly a gods discovered a crystal that can provide special energy. All the gods were fighting over the energized energy, until the gods decided to break the crystal and put it in every separate place. So there is no struggle for that energy. where it is now known as sealed mine.

Burning flamberg

Burning flamberg is an area that has lava flows almost all over the surface. This area consists of thousands of active volcanoes and lava flows . Therefore, as well as wellen frost,burning flamberg has only a few places that can be inhabited by humans.